We moved forums (again)


Hopefully for the last time, we’re once again transferring domains. Last year, we moved from Tapatalk to Jcink following the acquisition of Zetaboards. Users had to remake their accounts and start from scratch.

The new forum lives at: https://shrinefox.com/forum/

You will once again be required to recreate your account and move any mods/tools you posted previously to the new forum. The old forum will remain read-only to encourage users to migrate to the new one.

Why the change?

Long story short, Jcink has been an excellent replacement host– but I wanted to host the forum myself, for a few reasons. Mainly:

  • Direct integration with the main website
  • Better themes and plugins (now using the latest phpbb)
  • More interactive features (such as the return of the Likes feature from Zetaboards)
  • A better mobile experience

Hopefully you enjoy the new hub for Persona modding troubleshooting, creation and discussion. Thanks for bearing with us through a series of changes as we learned more about web development.

While you’re there, check out our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! It has up-to-date information on all of the following common queries.


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