You may have noticed a slight redesign to the forum, blog and homepage. Brighter, flatter colors and less gradients:

This is to match with our new portal.
You can still access the old version (, which will remain online. However, the brand new has all the same resources except more up-to-date and smoother to navigate.

When you first visit, the latest 20 mods, tools, cheats and/or guides will be showcased. Stuff posted within the last 30 days will be marked as “NEW.” 

More information, such as the description, source/download links, update changelog and tags can be revealed by clicking anywhere on an entry.

You can easily link others to any specific post you find by clicking on the hyperlink icon in the corner. 

You can also easily sort by preference. Only want to see Persona 5 mods? We have you covered!

Cheats are also being added. They’re automatically copied to your clipboard when clicked, so you can easily paste them into your own files.

The brand new guides section is still a work in progress, but some have already been written for Persona 5. More to come shortly!

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


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