PSVita 3.70 Hack — Prepare While You Can!


Long-time PSP and Vita hacker @theflow0 has issued a statement which you can (and should) read here regarding PSVita Firmware 3.70.

A native hack is coming to that firmware in 6-8 weeks, and will almost certainly be patched by Sony permanently. This will be his last exploit for this system as he plans to pursue his career full time.

This means if you have a Vita updated to the latest firmware, this is your last chance to take advantage of native hacks. There’s a lot of advantages to hacking your Vita, such as: mods, cheats, PSP/PS1 emulation, Retroarch, PNG screenshots, screen recording, DRM removal, wireless unrestricted file management and FTP transfer, whitelisting on the PSTV, installing and running games/apps on your SD card

or USB, streaming from PC… and probably way more that I’m forgetting.

So, how do you prepare?

  1. For now, just make sure to PASS THIS MESSAGE ALONG to anyone who may be interested! This includes modders and PSTV/PSVita owners that may want more mileage out of their handheld that’s probably collecting dust somewhere.
  2. MAKE SURE to have your PSN account activated and linked to your Vita and download any PSP title. It can be a free one, a mini, or a demo even (PSOne Classics DO NOT WORK).

And… For now, that’s it. Further instructions will come in time. See you there!


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