GFDStudio Major Update – Animation Viewer


Previously, we briefly mentioned the 0.1 release of TGEnigma’s tool for creating/editing custom models and animations for Persona 5 and the Dancing games. (More info here)

It has just been updated to version 0.4.1, which boasts a built-in animation viewer! Here’s how it works:

When you open the GMD/GFS model you want to preview, it should show up in the model viewer. You can click with the middle mouse button/wheel and drag to pan around. Or you can hold Alt to rotate!

Navigating to Animation > Load and selecting a GAP file will make the first animation in the GAP start playing. On the right, there are two tabs: Models and Animations. You can select more animations from the GAP you loaded over there!

You can even load animations from GAPs that weren’t intended for the character model you chose *(if you wanna have some fun).



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