Loading GMD Models and Animations in 3DSMax

Atlus’s new in-house graphics engine (used in Persona 5 and the Dancing games) has a new model format: GMD (sometimes called GFS). It’s used for everything from character models to objects to fields. They go right along with the new GAP animation format.

While TGE’s GFDStudio application for Windows can preview models and animations, you may want to export them to another program for rendering or editing. The current best method is to use the GMD Maxscript available here.


  • An unencrypted dump of the game’s files
  • 3DSMax

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Adding Randomized Battle Tracks to Persona 5 (PS3)

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with modding Persona 5, check out this guide first! This is a more advanced follow-up to the EBOOT patching and BGM editing guides, so read those first as well.

Copying and Renaming ACB/AWB

You may have noticed that the DLC tracks that play when the protagonist is wearing a DLC outfit are not in bgm.awb, but each have their own ACB/AWB pair. Each includes 2 ADX tracks, a battle theme and a victory theme. Maybe you also noticed that patch.yml has a Randomized Battle music patch, which shuffles all of the DLC tracks (in addition to the main battle theme) and randomly picks one at the start of each encounter.
You can customize this even further by adding your own music tracks to the game, following the same format as the DLC tracks.

You can theoretically add an infinite number of custom tracks by copying, renaming and editing the contents of each ACB/AWB pair.

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Creating Custom SFX/Music in P5

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with modding Persona 5, check out this guide first!

ACB Editing

One of the easiest types of mods to start with is changing the BGM. In Persona 5 (PS3), the music can be found in ps3.cpk/sound, where there is a pair of ACB/AWB files named bgm.

To edit these, you’ll want a program called ACBEditor. You can unpack all of the ADX files contained within the AWB by dragging the ACB file onto the EXE.

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Persona 5 (PS3) – EBOOT Patching

If you’re modding Persona 5 on a console with custom firmware (rather than using the RPCS3 emulator), there are extra steps required to get patch.yml modifications working. This includes mod.cpk support, 60 FPS, intro skipping, file access logging, randomized music, hiding UI elements and more.
TGEnigma has created RPCS3PatchEboot, a program that can apply these patches to your game’s EBOOT.BIN file.

The EBOOT.BIN is different between regions, as well as between physical and digital releases of the game, so unless you have the European PSN version, you’ll have to patch your own EBOOT.

Following the instructions in the video, connect to FTP and get the EBOOT.BIN from the directory your game was installed in. Transfer it to your PC.
In order to decompress/decrypt and patch your game, you WILL need:

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