Modding Using HostFS on PCSX2 (P3/P4/SMT3)

In our previous guide on modding Persona 3 and 4 (PS2), it was mentioned you’d need to use paid software UltraISO to repack your modified files into a new, bootable ISO. Thanks to new patches by TGE, repacking ISOs– and even CVMs– is finally a thing of the past.

While this method should work on any device or emulator that runs PS2 games (as long as there’s hostFS support and a way to boot from an ELF), this guide will only focus on PCSX2.

The only prerequisites are:

This method does not require you to modify your ISO at all! Instead, we’ll be using a code patch that makes the game load files over the local network (your computer’s filesystem) rather than the archives in the ISO. This method is 100% free, and results are pretty much instant every time you change a file, even while the game is running. So it has several advantages over the old method, which could take around 10 minutes each time, even with optimal hardware.

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Loading Modded files in Persona 3/4 (PS2)

Note: If you’re using PCSX2, there is a brand new method that does not require UltraISO, CVM/ISO repacking or even executable patching. Click here for more info.

Due to their development cycle, Persona 3 and 4 share many similarities under the hood. The same graphics engine, file formats, and nearly the same directory layout. Most of what can be said for modding one can also be said for the other.

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