Persona 5 RPCS3 Modding Guide 1: Downloads and Setup


Without the following programs/files (also available for download at, you will be unable to create or install mods. Download the following:

It is also recommended that you download the following (free) applications that will be used in future tutorials:

Using the patch.yml File

The patch.yml file is required in order for the Mod Compendium to function properly. To use this patch.yml file, first place it in your RPCS3 directory.

Following this, open patch.yml in Notepad++ and scroll to the bottom.

Replace the underlined region with the PPU Hash of your game. To do this, open RPCS3, then go to the bottom left-hand corner. Make sure that the current tab is set to “Log” and not “TTY”. Right click inside the tab and a menu will appear. Click “Trace”.

Proceed by running Persona 5 in the RPCS3 emulator, then subsequently pressing “Stop” (top left corner, between “Start” and “FullScr”). Left click on the log window, then press Control + F. Input “hash” in the input box, then click “First”. This should bring you to the PPU executable hash (not to be confused with the PRX library hash).

Copy the alphanumeric hash (yours will be different than the underlined example) and replace the hash found in patch.yml file with the hash from the log (scroll up above if you are unable to find the patch.yml hash).

At the top right corner of Notepad++, click “File” then click “Save”. You have now completed the patch.yml setup.

Setting Up the Mod Compendium

The Mod Compendium is currently the best method for creating and installing mods. This application also has the capability to create/install mods from other Persona titles, but this guide will only be using Persona 5 (as the installation process for previous titles is different).

To begin, open the Mod Compendium application and ensure that the current title is set to “Persona 5” (changeable at the top left corner). Next to this will be a button titled “Settings”. Left click this box, then left click on the 3 ellipses that are to the right of the input box for “Output Directory”. Navigate to your Persona 5 game folder, then proceed to the directory “\PS3_GAME\USRDIR”. Left click on “Select folder”, then click “OK”.  

You have now completed the Mod Compendium setup.

Creating a data.cpk Dump Using CriPakGUI

CriPakGUI is a useful tool when creating a data.cpk dump. “data.cpk” is essentially a package file that contains the majority of the game’s files. Creating a data.cpk dump is useful when you are creating a mod of your own, because it allows you to use a directory/file reference (this will be explained in guide 2, “Creating and Installing Mods”.)

To begin, open the CriPakGUI application (not to be confused with CriPakTools). At the top left corner, left click “File”, then left click “Open CPK”. Navigate to your Persona 5 game directory, then proceed to “\PS3_GAME\USRDIR” (the same directory used for setting up the Mod Compendium). Left click on “data.cpk”, then click “Open”. The application will now load the game’s files, and may appear as though it has frozen for a few seconds (do not worry, this is normal). Left click on the box that says “Extract me!”. Choose a folder that you will extract the data.cpk’s contents to (this does not have to be in the actual game’s directory, and it is recommended that you do not place it there as it may cause confusion.)

Allow the extraction to complete (this may take some time). When it is finished, a folder named “data.cpk_unpacked” will be created in the folder you chose to extract data.cpk to, and a window will appear stating “Extraction Complete.”

You have now completed the final portion of the setup. The next guide will show you how to utilize the Mod Compendium and your data.cpk dump to create and install Persona 5 mods.

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