Loading Modded files in Persona 5 (PS3)

This guide is for the Playstation 3 version of Persona 5. Although modding is possible on the PS4 version, the lack of CFW and/or availability of hackable firmwares makes it a very tedious process. 

Should the PS4 situation improve, or Persona 5 gets ported to another system, we will do our best to support those platforms as well.

Datamining Assets

All content in Persona 5 (sound, models, cutscenes, text, scripts, textures etc.) is stored in one of several CPK files. CPK files are Criware archives that are used to compress data for quicker transfer via PSN, as well as for saving space on the physical Blu-Ray disc. We can modify the game’s content by unpacking and repacking the contents of these files. 

If you have the PKG from the digital PSN version of Persona 5, you can simply extract the CPK files from it by using a program called PKGView. Installing the game via your PKG using RPCS3 emulator would also unpack the contents to your RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\GAMEID\USRDIR directory. The files would be in the same folder on your PS3 console– you can use a custom firmware to transfer them to your computer via FTP. If you have a blu-ray of the game, you can follow these steps to dump the ISO.

As for unpacking the CPKs themselves, CriPakGUI should do the trick. Extract the contents of both data.cpk and ps3.cpk to their own respective folders (or one singular folder if you want, it doesn’t matter).

You can delete the cache.cpk as it only contains copies of some files from the other CPKs. The blu-ray version uses it to improve loading times by installing it on the console.

Once you have your extracted content, you’re free to use the other guides and tools on this site to modify it to your heart’s content. You should only modify copies of the extracted files so that you do not need to extract the CPK again if you need any fresh copies.

Repacking Your Edited Assets

Once you have made your desired changes, you could repack one of the CPKs from a folder using CriPackedFileMaker. However, the original CPKs are ~4GB and ~11GB respectively– and those are compressed. Creating uncompressed versions of those CPKs would be even larger and take even longer to rebuild each time you want to test a change. And that’s neglecting to mention the time it takes to transfer it back to a CFW PS3 using FTP.

One workaround would be to create a data.cpk from both extracted CPK contents and then create a new ps3.cpk containing only your modified files. That way, you only have to repack and transfer a tiny ps3.cpk each time you test a mod. You’d also only have to deal with creating and transferring the humongous data.cpk once. 

This was our old method of modding Persona 5. It still works for all regions, both digital and physical releases as well.

We have an even simpler solution that may benefit you if:

  • you are modding the European version (physical or digital) on RPCS3
  • you are modding the digital version on a CFW PS3

Check out our EBOOT Patching Guide for more info! This method also has the following optional benefits:

  • Skipping the opening logos/videos on bootup
  • Raising the framerate cap from 30 FPS to 60 FPS
  • Randomize all battle music in regular battles
  • Remove HUD, distortion effects, blur

Using the Mod Compendium

Most mods on this site are formatted for use with the Mod Compendium. It is a Windows application created by TGEnigma that allows you to combine multiple mods into one CPK with just a few clicks. It supports several other Persona games as well.

Watch the video above or check out our Mod Compendium guide for more info!


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