P5R crashes new game when a modded PKG is installed.

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P5R crashes new game when a modded PKG is installed.

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Using any PKG created by Mod Compendium 1.6.1 causes the game to crash after loading a new game.

This issue does not happen when I load save file. I can also load a fresh NG+ save file just fine and play the game. P5R only crashes if a modded PKG is installed and I specifically select the 'new game' option. The crash occurs after clicking through the DLC prompt menus.

I've tried to reinstall the entire game and that works, then I can load a new game just fine. The issue still persists though, whenever I start a new game after having installed a PKG file from the mod compendium the game will crash. It does not matter if I change the mods that I load. From my tests as long as I have a PKG installed from the mod compendium the game will crash after starting a new game and clicking through the DLC menus.

I'm using the European version of the game. CUSA17419.

Is this issue known? Can anyone replicate it? Or am I the only one who has this specific problem?