How To Submit Mods/Tools/Guides/Cheats

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How To Submit Mods/Tools/Guides/Cheats

Post by ShrineFox »

Welcome to the Amicitia support forum! If you're reading this, you're probably curious how to get your mods, tools etc. featured on

Submission Rules:
  • Please no NSFW or otherwise controversial mods, I would rather not host such content.
  • Try to only post content that you had a hand in making, or at least get the creator's permission and credit them properly.
Basically, just use common sense and avoid drama. See the forum rules for more specifics on conduct.

How to Submit: Provide the Following:
  • Hyperlink ID: Short identifier (i.e. p3fes-ryoji-mod)
  • Full Mod Title: Official name of this release (separate from thread title, what you want to appear on
  • Games: Separated by commas (i.e. P3FES, P3P)
  • Authors: Separated by commas (i.e. ShrineFox, TGE... Please credit anyone involved, ask for permission if you're using someone else's work)
  • Version: i.e. 1.0
  • Tags: Separated by commas (i.e. ADX, BGM... basically what your project primarily changes)
  • Short Description: A brief explanation of the mod (a couple sentences that go on
  • Optional: Screenshot or Video (A link to a YouTube or imgur URL preferably, but it could also be a png hosted elsewhere like Discord)
  • Optional: Details (A longer explanation of your mod that will only show up here on the forum)
  • Download Link: Where to download your mod. We recommend using GDrive or Mega for big downloads, but you're encouraged to upload your mod to GameBanana if at all possible. This helps us prevent dead links and will get your mod more attention. There are Several Persona games already on GameBanana. but if yours isn't there you can add it.
what happens next?
  • A moderator (usually me) will review the post at their earliest convenience, and add it to if it meets this criteria.
  • Sometimes I might miss your post, so tweet at @AmicitiaTeam to make sure!
  • Your post will be included the next time the repo is updated (again, usually by me).
Please note:
  • You should leave the "Spreadsheet Row" spoiler/contents intact at the bottom of the post. It looks like this:
    Spreadsheet Row

    Code: Select all

    p5r-test2	Full Mod Title	P5R	ShrineFox	1.0	10/16/2020DATE	BGM, ADX	A description	Mod	folder-open	 	THREAD_URL	 	 	 	 	 	
    • You're free to edit the rest of the post to your liking. It's not necessary to keep the "Metadata" spoiler or its contents.
    • You do not need to edit your existing posts to align with the new format! It's just for data fetching purposes from this point forward.
    If you have any problems using the forms, let me know and I'll try to fix it asap.