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Welcome to the Amicitia Forum

We are a modding group for Atlus JRPGs, specifically the Persona series of games.
Our goal is to allow as much customization by fans as possible.

Since the board is intended as a modding workshop, in order to give everyone a fair experience we must ask that you respect the following:


1. No Explicit/Sensitive Content. No NSFW imagery or references (nudity, gore, blood, violence).
2. No Hate Speech of Any Kind. Nothing homophobic, ableist, sexist, transphobic etc. Discrimination of other members by identity or beliefs is NOT allowed.
3. Show Respect. No bullying, flaming, threats, or personal insults toward other users.
4. No Ban Evasion. You will be banned without question if you're suspected of using an alternate account.
5. No Spam. Don't repeatedly post images, phrases, spoiler tags or symbols. Keep things in their proper categories.
6. Real life politics has no place here. Please find somewhere else to debate parties, policies, politicians and the like.
7. Don't Share Personal Info. No phone numbers, IPs, full names, or locations. Use your best discretion.
8. Try Not to Post Spoilers. There are spoiler tags, use them (regardless of the content, or how long ago it was released).
9. No Drama. This isn't an appropriate place to use as a life journal or to get therapy. Seek professional help immediately if you're in a crisis.

Be sure to check out our new FAQ section for common questions such as: how to install/create mods, what types of mods are possible, and how to share your mods.


If you have further questions regarding mods or modding software, please feel free to ask them in our Mod Troubleshooting section. I will only respond if I know the answer, or can at least point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, I do not know everything, so it's possible you won't get a response. These threads are automatically linked in our Discord server to increase the chance that someone with an answer will see it.

Also, please do not post any material that violates international laws. This may include copyrighted content like game files, ROMs, ISOs, torrents, licenses, cracked software etc.
You may upload modded files only to an external site such as Google Drive, MEGA, or Gamebanana.
If you are sharing software you have created, please use Github or a similar site to host the source code. If you want to link to a pre-compiled binary, release it there first and link to the release page. This way we can be more certain that the software is legitimate and not malware.

Monetization Policy

Sometimes people ask if it's appropriate to offer payment in exchange for services here (i.e. personalized mod creation by request). Since we aren't working with intellectual property we explicitly own, it can be tricky. But my official stance is that non-paywalled content supported by optional donations is allowed. You may also offer to work out compensating a modder for their time privately using a service such as PayPal, since asking for a creative service is different than asking for access to something that has already been created.

Thanks for participating in our community! We look forward to working together.
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Posts: 290
Joined: Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:19 am
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Amicitia Discord Server

⚠ IMPORTANT: This is not a troubleshooting server! It's better to seek assistance in public spaces that are indexable by search engines.
That way, others experiencing the same issue can benefit from the answers you receive.

Try one of the following: 🔍 Please use the search function to see if your question has already been answered.

Questions posted to the forum or subreddit also get linked in TGE's invite-only Discord server, which focuses on developing and maintaining mod-related software.
This increases the likelihood experienced users will see it and respond.

Why Private?
  • We prefer to keep it small and manageable for our very limited staff.
  • We curate membership based on interest in mod/tool development, datamining and documentation specifically.
  • This helps us keep focused on our work and make closer connections with one another (without the threat of trolls, raids, malware attacks etc.)
  • There's already a larger server with a dedicated moderation team equipped to handle the aforementioned situations.
Please trust that we have no intent to gatekeep or otherwise conceal information that is useful to the greater modding community. Our users prefer to share their unfinished work in a controlled environment for feedback, testing and collaboration. Most things created by server members eventually get released when the creators are satisfied with the quality and ready to provide technical support. It is ultimately their individual decision whether/when/where to do so.

Who Should Apply?

We are mainly seeking easygoing, open-minded, mature Persona/SMT fans interested in reverse engineering, programming, and most often just goofing off.
You may apply for an invitation here.

Will I Hear Back?

You may hear back depending on if your application is accepted. If you don't receive a response after awhile, have someone in the community vouch for you and we'll give the application more consideration. We appreciate your patience as our staff tends to be preoccupied and won't always get around to it.

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