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Post by ShrineFox » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:52 am

Welcome to the Amicitia forum (again)! This time for real.
We are a modding group for Atlus JRPGs, specifically the Persona series of games. Our goal is to allow as much customization by fans as possible.

Since the board is intended as a modding workshop, in order to give everyone a fair experience we must ask that you respect the following:
1. No Explicit/Sensitive Content. No NSFW imagery or references (nudity, gore, blood, violence).
2. No Hate Speech of Any Kind. Nothing homophobic, ableist, sexist, transphobic etc. Discrimination of other members by identity or beliefs is NOT allowed.
3. Show Respect. No bullying, flaming, threats, or personal insults toward other users.
4. No Ban Evasion. You will be banned without question if you're suspected of using an alternate account.
5. No Spam. Don't repeatedly post images, phrases, spoiler tags or symbols. Keep things in their proper categories.
6. Real life politics has no place here. Please find somewhere else to debate parties, policies, politicians and the like.
7. Don't Share Personal Info. No phone numbers, IPs, full names, or locations. Use your best discretion.
8. Try Not to Post Spoilers. There are spoiler tags, use them (regardless of the content, or how long ago it was released).

Be sure to check out our new FAQ section for common questions such as: how to install/create mods, how to access the Discord server, what types of mods are possible and how to share your mods.

Thanks for participating in our community! We look forward to working together.
Disclaimer: I try to respond to everything I can, but might not always have an answer to every question.
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