P3FES: Why aren’t my mods working?

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P3FES: Why aren’t my mods working?

Post by onepancakeboi »

I wanted to download the Full Moonlight mod for PCSX2. I have set up everything correctly (enabled cheats, extracted .elf file etc.), but the mod still won’t work. I make sure to always run it through the .elf file. Is there anything that I’ve I might have done wrong?
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Re: P3FES: Why aren’t my mods working?

Post by ShrineFox »

Got a handful of ideas for what it could be:
  1. Are the mod's output files for sure in the same directory as the .ELF, in subfolders named DATA/BTL/BGM?
  2. When loading the ELF, is the game's ISO selected in the CDVD > ISO Selector menu?
  3. If you launch the ISO normally, does the game's CRC match the PNACH filename? You can see the CRC in the title of the log window in brackets, should be [94A82AAA] for P3FES USA. Other regions probably don't work.
  4. If so, one of the first things in the log after launching the game should be "Found Cheats file: '94A82AAA.pnach'." Otherwise, the PNACH might be in the wrong place or named correctly.
    Make sure it doesn't still have the .txt extension. Windows hides this by default unless you change these settings, making it easy to miss
  5. Double-check that PCSX2_vm.ini actually has hostFS=enabled, many users have reported it reverting back, maybe because the emulator was still open when saving
If all that checks out okay, see if other mods are working in case it's something specific to Full Moonlight for some reason... Or the PCSX2 version. I know it has to be at least 1.5.0, but 1.6.0 works better for some people. I hope one of these helps since I can't think of anything else that could go wrong
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