[P3P] Reincarnation OST mod help (newbie) [SOLVED]

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[P3P] Reincarnation OST mod help (newbie) [SOLVED]

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Hi I have little knowledge about modding and stuff and I found the P3P Reincarnation OST mod here that replaces songs with remixes and other tracks. I think I finally get how to add the mod after not really understanding the mod compendium and using UMDGEN.

I really want to leave the femc songs (like Time and Wiping All Out) as they were instead of replacing them because I've never played Portable and want to hear those songs in the game. The mod replaces songs like "Danger Zone" completely.
I really like the idea of replacing the other songs with the mod. I've tried to look into how I could do this but I'm really unsure.

The mod comes with the .ADX files which I assume are the new tracks (but idk). My first thought was I could just delete the ones that change those few songs I want to keep, but I don't know if that would keep the original track (idek if this makes sense).

I'd appreciate any info I can get but I may just go with the normal OST because I mainly want to hear the femc's new songs. Thanks :D :D

Also if it matters at all I'm playing P3P on my tablet (using PPSSPP). I have everything set to mod the iso on my PC.

Edit: I know no one replied but I ended up figuring out how to get the put the music files I wanted in the .cpk so I'm pretty sure I got what I wanted and now I'm happy