Persona 5 Royal Patches

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Persona 5 Royal Patches

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Hyperlink ID: p5r-patches
Full Mod Title: Persona 5 Royal Patches
Games: P5R
Authors: lipsum
Version: 1.0
A set of Persona 5 Royal patches

Included patches:
  • Intro Skip -- Skips boot logos and intro movie
  • Mod Support -- File replacement via a mod.cpk file
  • P5 Save Bonus Enabler -- Skips vanilla P5 save check
  • On-Disc Content Enabler -- Enables... content
Supported versions:
  • CUSA08644 01.01 (P5R JP) - Intro Skip, On-Disc Content Enabler, P5 Save Bonus Enabler
  • CUSA17416 01.01 (P5R US) - Intro Skip, Mod Support, On-Disc Content Enabler, P5 Save Bonus Enabler
Download Link:

  1. Unpack the original update pkg for your version.
  2. Download and unzip the file you'd like to use from the link above.
  3. Overwrite eboot.bin with the file you've downloaded in the previous step.
  4. For mod support, create a mod.cpk file containing files you'd like to replace and place it in USRDIR.
  5. Repack the update pkg and install.

Many thanks to Pan (for testing, recording vids), and ShrineFox (for testing)
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