"fixing" Nocturne's compressed music?

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Apologies if this has been asked before, but title pretty much says it all. I am very much a newbie modder and have only done small personal BGM replacements for P3/P4 myself, I'm curious to know if this would be possible. I know there has been something like this done for the HD version (at least on Switch), but I'm asking specifically for the PS2 original whether running on PCSX2 or actual hardware.

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It should be possible, I think Atlus originally compressed the music to make it weigh less with the restrictions of the discs. But the problem then would be finding High quality versions of the OST. And most of those that are ripped from the game are the compressed versions.
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I think this could also be a problem with the tracks that aren't strictly streamed. IIRC some of Nocturne's music is all separate samples meshed together to form the full song. (I'm not completely sure though, but it would explain things like the battle tracks having cycled sections.)
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