Unique game design of Investigation Team

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So I was getting bored at my business trip, replaying P4 golden on my old laptop. Some idea crossed my mind, when I was trying to choose difficulty, as I remembered how wacky every difficulty in P4 felt me, just requiring not to make simple mistakes on Normal-Hard, or putting a need to grind the whole game if you choose "Very Hard" option.
I honestly liked my idea. it doesnt feel like I suggest a perfectly balanced system for the game so complex as Persona, rather than satisfaction I could feel during playthrough.

Everyone remember that feeling when you spend the whole hour in Velvet room, creating the set up of Personas for every possible battle situation? Now imagine that you have to play the whole game bearing Izanagi only, but not getting a cancer with this sort of playstyle? How would it be possible?
If you look on every MC's teammate, their ideas was not to represent some sort of unique character in the game that MC cant handle without. Their option as your teammate was to compensate some sort of support/elemental skills you may not carry or use during 1 turn. Yeah, you might pinpoint on some unique features, like their 3rd awakening skills, or for example, how Kanji is great tank due to his STR attribute.

But as for me, I still remember Persona's way of playthrough as using your insight MOSTLY during persona fusion, and using their strongest sides during MC's own turn. I also remembered, how Status alignment was out of use in a game if you try to make them on your side, or Skill Break/Elemental Shield was always worse than option to buff your team in attack/shield/position, simply switching to other strategies.

So I've been thinking about complete overhaul on MC'S TEAMMATES skill pack, allowing them to carry 8 skills from the start, with pack that determine them as INDIVIDUAL part of the crew.

Let me show examples. Then Ill try to explain properly.
We also might try to remake Izanagi a little, giving him a bounded spectre of options.

-Zio (just like any other skills with limited value, this one gets self improvement during gameplay)
-Mazio (Guess it just doesnt work for Persona not having both types of target skill)
-Resist Physical (As you might guess, it would evolve too, up to absorbing this type of damage. I wanna give every Persona at least ONE possible resist feature. Imagine how distinguishable you teammates might be, if they might react differently on other types of damage, making another possible outcomes from the battle situation)
-Blue Wall (Izanagi's option to cooperate with Teammate's personas to compensate their weaknesses. This idea is directed to solve Persona weaknesses by cooperation, not solving on your own)
-Soul Break(Normally, player always prefer to leave alignments behind the core gameplay as players have much more valuable opportunities. However, as I said already, now this spectre is bounded, and you will just have to take alignments into consideration. It might also transform into more powerful form, Anima Freeze)
-Exhaust Boost (Yeah, alignment boost is just necessary, so they prove their value in your skill pack. I was looking at P5 Merciless mode to some extent.)
-Spirit Drain/Leach (it's logical how much mp might require using Mage skills only. It also synergises with Exhaustion alignment, allowing to drain all mana from enemies(
-Elec Break (Having no physical skills anymore at least leaves Izanagi with a tool of still possible damage dealing)
It would be nice to implement Elect Boost/Amp in Izanagi too, but I guess it now would be possible only by Equipment.

You probably should've got into my idea already. I leave Yousuke and Chie only to make this easy to make you see clear, how indifferent this characters are now.

Yousuke - Jiraya:
-Wind Boost
-Enervate/Old One
-Enervate boost
-Resist Fire/Null/Repel

Chie - Tomoe:
-Swift Strike
-Life Drain/Leach (Chie was always like a defective warrior/mage with mana nowhere to cost, or not having enough hp and resist to stand on it's own)
-Balzak/Valiant Dance
-Rage Boost
-Tetrakarn or Counter (To synergise with Rage alignment)
-Resist Elec
-Tarukaja (some sort of universal buff look great on Chie, due to she can't backup members with Ice Shield, or casting this element anymore. I suggest, Teddie would be much memorable unit for Investigation Team, if he would cast and protect from Ice)

My current idea is mostly simple, allowing minimal efforts to make it as real mod. I believe, for even better synergise, you might correct Character's attributes, or even mess up with some HP/MP/Ability Chance values. Though, I think this would depend from your comments and own feelings.

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I'd like to develop my idea further, giving it the most neat value. It may require more modding skill, but since It's only a mental work for me, I'm intended to not holding back anything.

The 2nd side of this system is about decreasing THAT EXCESSIVE amount of value in GRINDING. I find grinding somewhat satisfying, yet grinding is too profitable for this game. As long as you grind, it gives player:
-More stats
-More skills
-More equipment
-More gold (buying more items stuff)

What if game could become a little bit casual? It doesnt sound bad, if you imagine tying Skill Improving with a Story Progression. Instead of relying on new levels, each time player achieve Shadow Palaces (like Yukiko Castle, Steam Bath, Heaven and etc), him and his teammates get 1-2 skill point. So you spend these points on improving Persona skills, like evolving Yukiko's Agi into Agilao, Chie's Balzac (solo rage) into Valiant Dance (mass rage), Izanagi's Resist Phys into Null Phys.
To make sure player wont cheat through this system, you can restrict some specific skills in further development until player rank up remaining (like trying to get Phanta Rei on Yosuke while having any other skill on rank 1)

I also reconsidered my idea about restricting MC's wild card. Remaking Izanagi and teammate's Personas woud make Izanagi much unique (I didnt notice I also suggested a normal way to finally bear Izanagi to the end of the game, without need to make him the Frankenshtein creature by skill card implementation), but at the same time having no option to change Persona completely would kill some enjoyment. You can leave wild card option as it be, but then remaking other Compendium Personas to give them fresh style and tying them with new skill point system (Persona exp fusion would still make sence, since you are still able to raise Persona's stats).
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