[PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

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[PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

Post by shibe » Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:31 pm

This mod aims to create an enhanced, yet faithful listening experience for Persona 4 Golden. The songs I have selected maintain the same tone of the game's original audio while still offering a fresh experience.

Thanks to the work of T-Pose Ratkechi, it is now possible to add randomized encounter BGM as well as unique BGM for every boss fight. This is accomplished with a Cheat Engine script and must be re-enabled every time the game boots. As such, I have split this mod into two packs: a "Vanilla" pack, and a "BGME Addons" pack. For those who only wish to use the Vanilla pack, this also removes the need to merge the init_free.bin file with those of other mods.
List of Changes (May Contain Spoilers)
Vanilla Pack
The Genesis -> The Bond of Everyone's Souls
Memory -> Memory (Unused Version)
Reach out to the Truth -> Reach out to the Truth (Arena)
I'll Face Myself (Battle) -> I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation)
The Fog -> The Fog (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
Period -> Period (P4D)
New Days -> New Days (P4D)
Border of Insanity -> Border of Insanity (P4D)
Who's There? -> Confused Smog
Smile -> Smile (Reincarnation)
Current Net Price Tanaka -> Current Net Price Tanaka (P4D)
Glimpse of a Memory -> Glimpse of a Memory (Q)
How Much? -> How Much? (Q)
Your Affection -> Your Affection (Reincarnation)
Heartbeat, Heartbreak -> Heartbeat, Heartbreak (Reincarnation)
Omen -> Long Way (Animation)
Signs of Love -> Signs of Love (Funky Home Mix)
Alone -> Long Way (Animation)
Backside of the TV -> Backside of the TV (Lotus Juice Remix)
Castle -> Princess Amagi-ya (Traditional Taste Mix)
Sauna -> A Pure-Hearted Beast
Striptease -> Twinkle★Star
Heaven -> Heaven (Reincarnation)
Joy -> Joy (Q2)
Like a Dream Come True -> Like a Dream Come True (Q2)
Reach out to the Truth (First Battle) -> Beauty of Destiny
Traumerei -> Traumerei (Reincarnation)
Girl of the Empty Forest (Another Version) -> Just Like the Wind (Instrumental)
I'll Face Myself (Marie) -> Divine
I'll Face Myself (Kusumi-no-Okami) -> Signal Fire of a Counterattack
Girl of the Empty Forest -> Just Like the Wind
BGM Enhancement Addons
Battle (Regular) 1 - Reach out to the Truth (2nd Verse)
Battle (Regular) 2 - Time to Make History (2nd Verse)
Battle (Regular) 3 - Light the Fire Up in the Night (P3)
Battle (Regular) 4 - Wait and See
Battle (Regular) 5 - Beauty of Destiny
Battle (Advantage) 1 - Reach out to the Truth (1st Verse)
Battle (Advantage) 2 - Time to Make History (1st Verse)
Battle (Advantage) 3 - Light the Fire Up in the Night (P4)
Battle (Advantage) 4 - Remember, We Got Your Back
Battle (Advantage) 5 - Key Plus Words (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
Void Quest Battle (Regular) - Time to Make History (8-bit) by BitLemur
Void Quest Battle (Advantage) - Reach out to the Truth (8-bit) by guest-san
Shadow Yosuke - The Junes Hero
Shadow Chie - Best Friends
Shadow Yukiko - Alone in this World
Shadow Kanji - Time for True Revelation
Shadow Rise - P4D Opening
Shadow Teddie - Kuma Kuma Circus!
Shadow Naoto - Seeker of Truth
Adachi - Ying Yang
Margaret - The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Arena Ultimax)
Yukiko's Castle Mini Boss - Princess Amagi-ya
Steamy Bathhouse Mini Boss - Friendly Conflict
Marukyu Striptease Mini Boss - Pursuing My True Self (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)
Void Quest Mini Boss - Mass Destruction (8-bit) by Sen-pi
Secret Laboratory Mini Boss - Laser Beam
Heaven Mini Boss - Signs of Love (TK Remix)
Magatsu Inaba Mini Boss - A Fool or Clown?
Hollow Forest Mini Boss - Memory (Special Mix)
Yomotsu Hirasaka Mini Boss - Maze of Life
Yukiko's Castle Optional Boss - Break Out Of...
Steamy Bathhouse Optional Boss - Impatience
Marukyu Striptease Optional Boss - Break Out Of... (Free Mix)
Void Quest Optional Boss - I'll Face Myself (8-bit)
Secret Laboratory Optional Boss - Laser Beam (Secret Path)
Heaven Optional Boss - Heaven (Persona Music Live Band)
The download for the mod as well as a usage guide are found here.
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Re: [PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

Post by ShrineFox » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:54 pm

Nice! This seems like a great way to freshen up the experience. I also like that you were thoughtful and separated the init_free from the mod in case it conflicts with other ones.
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