Persona 3 Portable - Spanish Translation

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This translation changes the UI, text, social links, items, skills, textures, menus, EVERYTHING to Spanish, it's 100% translated.


Mod link: ... sp=sharing
NOTE: "P3P Español" folder is the mod and you need ModCompendium to compile it, the EBOOT.BIN contains part of the translation as well and needs to replace the original one.

This translation was made in its entirety by myself, HxCannon (I was known in the forum as "Niopack" previously, but I don't use that name anymore), and wouldn't be possible without the help of this forum, specially ShrineFox, TGEnigma, and Meloman19.

If anyone has any troubles with the mod, or needs help with their own translation projects for P3P, please let me know!
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Awesome, congrats on all your hard work coming to fruition! This looks excellent
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