[RELEASE] P4G Chie Voice Mod 2.1

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Hyperlink ID: p4-chie-voice-mod
Full Mod Title: P4G Chie Voice
Games: P4
Authors: Shrinefox, Qlonever
Version: 2.1
Tags: ADX
Replaces voiced lines by Chie's original VA with clips from P4G.
This update only changes a few things:
-Fixes two lines that were switched around in the cutscene for Heaven 4F
-Replaces Chie's voice line in an early December Velvet Room cutscene that had not been replaced in previous releases
-Re-adds most old voiced lines for the plot twist cutscene on 3/20; Chie's lines have been replaced with their P4G versions, but the other dubbed lines in the cutscene still use their PS2 versions. This is because one bit of text and its dubbing was changed in P4G, making the new voiced line not fit in.

In some AFS files, ADX clips for characters other than Chie have been replaced with their higher-quality P4G versions, but in others, such clips retain their PS2 audio quality. This is because I wanted to make sure this mod did not change Teddie's voice acting, as well as other reasons like stated above. It doesn't really matter, but I figured I would note it anyway.
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VwgvAb ... sp=sharing
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p4-chie-voice-mod	P4G Chie Voice	P4	Shrinefox, Qlonever	2.1	06/03/2021	ADX	Replaces voiced lines by Chie's original VA with clips from P4G.	 		https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VwgvAb7mBXwOqfRf4b_lpH-ITmnYRpbB/view?usp=sharing	Mod	folder-open	 	mPt1FCy1Kzs1	 	 	 	 	 	
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