[RELEASE] Final Fantasy BGM Replacement for Persona 3 FES

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[RELEASE] Final Fantasy BGM Replacement for Persona 3 FES

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Hyperlink ID: p3fes-ff-bgm-mod
Full Mod Title: Final Fantasy BGM for Persona 3 FES
Games: P3FES
Authors: Karasu
Version: 1.0.4
Tags: BGM
A near full BGM replacement of Persona 3 FES's OST for various songs of the "Final Fantasy" series.
Songs modified: (in ADX Order)
Tartarus (1st Block) > Emerald Labyrinth [Final Fantasy XIV]
Shadow > Triumph [Final Fantasy XIV]
Deep Breath, Deep Breath > The Long Fall [Final Fantasy XIV]
Basement > Fiend [Final Fantasy XIV]
A Deep Mentality > Return To Oblivion [Final Fantasy XIV]
Mass Destruction > eScape [Final Fantasy XIV]
Master of Shadows > Rise [Final Fantasy XIV]
Unavoidable Battle > Chaos [Final Fantasy I (XIV Remix)]
Burn My Dread -Last Battle- > Conditioned to Hate [XV: Episode Ardyn]
The Battle For Everyone's Souls > Wayward Daughter [Final Fantasy XIV]
Master of Tartarus > Decisive Battle [Final Fantasy VI (XIV Remix)]
Kyoto > Kugane [Final Fantasy XIV]
That Which Escaped The Darkness > Weight of a Whisper [Final Fantasy XIV]
Living With Determination > Canticle [Final Fantasy XIV]
Fearful Experience > Fog of Phantom [Final Fantasy XIV]
Want To Be Close > Civilizations [Final Fantasy XIV]
Tanaka's Amazing Commodities > Papaya [Final Fantasy XIV]
Paulownia Mall > Galdin Quay [Final Fantasy XV]
After The Battle > Victory Fanfare [Final Fantasy Series]
The Path Is Closed > Dragonsong [Final Fantasy XIV]
Tartarus (2nd Block) > Enraptured [Final Fantasy XIV]
The Voice Someone Calls > My Soul To Keep [Final Fantasy XIV]
Tartarus (4th Block) > Aftermath [Final Fantasy XIV]
Tartarus (5th Block) > Unbreakable [Final Fantasy XIV]
Taratrus (6th Block) > Apologies [Final Fantasy XIV]
Living With Determination (Dorm Arrange) > From Mud [Final Fantasy XIV]
Mistic > Dark Vows [Final Fantasy XIV]
Memories Of The City > Iroha [Final Fantasy XIV]
Tartarus (3rd Block) > Spiral [Final Fantasy XIV]
The Snow Queen > Oblivion [Final Fantasy XIV]
Brand New Days: The Beginning > Prelude ~ Rebirth [Final Fantasy XIV]

Known Issues & Bugs

- Some songs may not loop properly. This is due to the loop region being marked incorrectly. As time goes on, I will work on fixing the songs that are broken in this way.

- Some songs may be too quiet/loud.

- Some songs are missing. This is due to me not having any ideas as to what to replace the song with to keep the original "vibe" intact. Many of these are the daily life themes heard in the game. Or, they're left unchanged to better fit the emotional scene (I.E): Memories Of The School.

Or, they're from The Answer.

Download Link: https://gamebanana.com/sounds/53431
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p3fes-ff-bgm-mod	Final Fantasy BGM for Persona 3 FES	P3FES	Karasu	1.0.4	05/09/2021	BGM	A near full BGM replacement of Persona 3 FES's OST for various songs of the "Final Fantasy" series.	 	https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/769725673706487859/840887533201653781/preview.png	https://gamebanana.com/sounds/53431	Mod	folder-open	 	mPt1FCy1Kzs1