An EPIC Persona 3 FES Music Mod

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An EPIC Persona 3 FES Music Mod

Post by Century_ » Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:01 pm

So I decided to make a Persona 3 FES Music Mod because I wanted to return to that game but I still wanted it to feel fresh and new.
I made changes to 32 songs in the Persona 3 FES Original Soundtrack. And while most of the changes made are for the journey, I still changed some of the songs from the Answer.
The changes are as follows:

The Journey:

The Poem for Everyone's Souls _____________ The Poem for Everyone's Souls Reincarnation Edit (No Intro)
Fearful Experience ___________ Ahead to Silence (PQ)
Iwatodai Station ____________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Reincarnation Ver.
Tranquility ______________ Private Room 1-2 Meld (P3D)
Want to Be Close _____________ Want to Be Close Reincarnation Ver.
When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars ___________ When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars Reincarnation Ver.
The voice that Someone Calls _________ The Voice that Someone Calls PQ ver.
Mass Destruction ___________ Mass Destruction Lotus Juice Remix (P3M)
After the Battle ___________ After the Battle P3D Ver.
Master of Tartarus ___________ Danger Zone (P3P)
Deep Breath Deep Breath (Full Moon Boss) ___________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Yuu Miyake Remix (P3D)
Deep Breath Deep Breath (Event) ____________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Lotus Juice Remix (P3M)
A Deep Mentality ____________ A Deep Mentality Lotus Juice Remix (P3D)
Basement _____________ Past of Ambition (P3M)
Master of Shadow ____________ Fate is in Our Hands (P3M)
Unavoidable Battle ____________ Persona Summoners (P3M)
Joy ____________ Joy -in the Cinema- (PQ2)
Afternoon Break ____________ Party, Party (PQ2)
Changing Seasons ____________ Time Kitajoh Remix (P3D)
Palownia Mall _____________ Pallownia Mall -In the Cinema- (PQ2)
Adventured Act ____________ Burn My dread Novoiski Remix (P3D)
Memories of the School ___________ Because of My Friends (P3M)
Living with Determination -Dorm Arrange- ____________ Living with Determination -Mellow Velvet Mix-
The Battle for Everyone's Souls _____________ One Determination -Edit- (P3M)
Burn My Dread -Final battle- _____________ Burn My Dread -Final Battle- Future Arrange (P3M)

The Answer:

Blind Alley __________ Another World (PQ)
Mass Destruction -FES ver.- ___________ Wiping all Out Kozuka Remix (P3D)
Heartful Cry ___________ Heartful Cry Konishi Remix (P3D)
Darkness ____________ Self Redemption (P3M)
Snow Queen ___________ Flock of Sheep -Lotus Juice-
Maya Theme ___________ Live -Yumi Kawamura-
Persona _____________ Mellow Dream -Yumi Kawamura-
Time Castle ___________ Do for Love - Lotus Juice + Yumi Kawamura-

As you can see, most of the music changes are similar to the Reincarnation BGM Mod, which is mainly due to the fact that those changes fit pretty well, However I didn't just copy the same files from that mod and called it a day, I remade the loops in a higher quality and made some other changes to the games score aswell. I've been thinking about changing tartarus' music too, but I don't know how well that can go.

I also made some pretty radical changes to the music player BGM since instead of being callbacks to previous persona songs, I changed them to other songs from Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura that aren't in any Persona Games.

I made this mod after installing the reincarnation BGM Mod, which I assume is why the Menu music plays Memories of the School instead of the updated music, however apart from that I haven't encountered any problems with this mod so far.

Anyways I hope this mod is to your liking and if anyone has any suggestions for any future music mods or anything like that then let me know and I'll see what I can do :)



Note: This mod is compatible with the HostFS File Replacing Modding Method, i don't know if that really means anything but if you have any troubles then let me know.

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