Frequently Asked Questions


What is Amicitia?
Amicitia (latin for "friendship") is a modding network dedicated to Atlus JRPGs.
It is named after TGEnigma's all-in-one editor application.
How do I find mods/tools/guides?
Mods, tools, and guides can all be found at

You can narrow down results by game or type via the sidebar.
How can I contribute directly to the listing?
Simply upload the submission to the appropriate page on For example, Persona 5's Gamebanana Page.

Within 6 hours it should appear at


How do I install mods?
For most mods, you can use the Mod Compendium, a Windows application for managing mods for several Persona games.
Extract your downloaded mods in the program's mod folder, e.g. ModCompendium/Mods/Persona5/MODNAME/Data/...
See this guide for a more detailed, step-by-step explanation.

For P3FES, P4G, P5S and P5(R), there also exists Aemulus Package Manager, a more up-to-date and better maintained alternative to the Mod Compendium. It allows for BIN merging, table patching etc. which greatly improves compatibility when mods have conflicting files.

The Mod Compendium does not support mods made for Aemulus at this time as they take advantage of Aemulus's new features, such as table patches and loose unpacked files.
However, Aemulus does support mods in the Mod Compendium format.
Read more about when to use Aemulus or Mod Compendium.
How do I extract game data?
This varies from game to game, so it's best to check the game's wiki page for specific directions. Generally, Atlus games use CRIWARE formats such as CPK and CVM. You can use PKGView to extract PKG files, and 7zip or UltraISO to extract ISO and CVM files. Use CriPakGUI for CPK files.
How do I create my own mods?
Using the Mod Compendium (or Aemulus for P3FES/P4G/P5), click the New button and fill out the Title, Description, Version and Author of your mod.
You can then begin placing modded files in the mod's newly generated folder, matching the original game's file layout.

For example, if you were to replace CAMP.BIN from Persona 4, you'd put it in:
Things to note:
The second "DATA" folder, in this case, is because it is found in the DATA.CVM file.

For Aemulus, it's a little different. You would include only the edited files from a PAC/BIN, like so:
AemulusPackageManager/Packages/Persona 4 Golden/MODNAME/data_e/init/init/datMsg/datWeaponHelp.bmd.
Things to note:
1. This example differs a little (i.e. "data_e") due to Aemulus only supporting the PC version of Persona 4 Golden, which is structured differently than P4 PS2.
2. The contents of Aemulus mods go in the root of the mod folder rather than inside another "Data" folder.
3. The rest of the path is derived from the path of the edited file inside the .bin, which can be found using Amicitia. "datWeaponHelp.bmd" is inside a file called "init/datMsg.pak" inside "init.bin", thus the two "init" folders.
Can I share mods here?
You may upload .zip/.7z folders of your mods and share them on the forum. However, these submissions may take much longer to appear in the listing.
Gamebanana has several sections for Persona games, and an active userbase, so we recommend uploading there instead. Gamebanana submissions appear in our listing automatically within 6 hours.

For mods bigger than 1GB such as music mods, use a filesharing site like MEGA or Google Drive.

Please zip your mods inMod Compendium or Aemulus Package format, and then share the link in the appropriate category.

Just select your mod's folder, e.g. ModCompendium/Mods/Persona5/MODNAME, right click it and compress it in a .zip file. This way, it's much lighter to upload and download than a repacked game archive or ISO patch, and makes it easy for everyone to organize and combine multiple mods with a mod manager.

Persona 3&4 (PS2)

How do I run mods?
New Method:
You can use the HostFS Patch on PCSX2 to load changed files on the fly without ever repacking CVMs or your ISO. See here for more info.

Old Method:
Once you have used the Mod Compendium to generate new CVM and SLUS (executable) files, you need to use UltraISO Premium (paid software) to create a bootable ISO for PCSX2. Unfortunately, there are no other known programs that can reliably suffice. PowerISO should work fine for consoles, however.
Open your ISO and drag the replacement files onto the window to replace them, then save. For Persona 4, delete ZZZZZZ.BIN first to free up an extra 741 MB. This will prevent a very long hang that occurs when booting up an ISO that goes over the 4GB limit.
What mods are possible?
- BGM swaps and replacements (using AtomENCD for ADX)
- Text edits (using PM1MessageScriptEditor for PM1 files, AtlusScriptCompiler for BMD)
- Voice edits (using using AtomENCD for ADX, PuyoTools for AFS, ACXTool for ACX)
- Font edits (using PersonaFont for FNT)
- Model/Texture edits and swaps (using Amicitia for RMD/PAC/TMX/SPR)
- Animation swaps (only for RMD files with the same skeleton, using Amicitia)
- Script Edits (using AtlusScriptCompiler for BF)
- Custom Animated Cutscenes (using DCMovieCreator for SFD)
What limitations are there?
- There is no editor (yet) for TBL files, which contain sets of data for Personas, Skills, Items, Names etc.
- Custom animations and skeletons for models are not yet possible
- You cannot add new files to the game as our executable patcher does not support that (unless using the HostFS Patch)
- There is no event editor yet so all you can do is edit existing text
- No custom field object position editing yet (No triggers, entities, props etc)
- No custom EPLs yet

Persona 5 (PS3)

How do I run mods?
You need to use the Persona 5 Mod Loader patch. This adds support to the game for loading modded files from a new CPK called mod.cpk, which takes priority over the contents of all other CPKs.
The Japanese release already has something like this thanks to bugfix updates (patch3ps3.cpk).

For RPCS3, place the downloaded patch.yml in the root folder of the emulator, replacing the existing one. Follow this guide for changing your PPU hash, if necessary.

For PS3 hardware, use a CFW like Rebug and follow this guide on patching your EBOOT to support mod loading using patch.yml.

Place your mod.cpk (and/or modded EBOOT if using CFW) in the game's USRDIR folder and start the game.
What mods are possible?
- BGM/voice swaps and replacements (using AtomENCD for ADX, SonicAudioTools for ACB/AWB)
- Text and Script edits (using AtlusScriptCompiler for BMD/BF)
- Font edits (using PersonaFont for FNT)
- Model/Texture/Animation edits and swaps (using GFDStudio for GMD/GAP)
- TBL edits (using 010 Editor with our Binary Templates for now)
- Texture edits
- Custom bustups (using DDS2Tool)
- Event editing (using EVTTool)
- EPL Extraction/Injection (GMD only, no particles - using EPLInjector)
- Custom PLGs (vectorized UI elements) using io_plg
- Custom Animated Cutscenes (using Scaleform VideoEncoder)
- Custom dialog cutins (using P5 Cutin Tool)
What limitations are there?

- No custom field object editing yet (No triggers, entities, etc)
- No custom EPLs (particles) yet

Persona 5 Royal

How do I create/run mods on PS4?
Read the directions here.
What limitations are there porting mods from PS3?

- Models use a new GFD version, and the animations are in a slightly new format with new types of keyframes. There is a fork of GFD Studio for converting them (for backporting purposes)
- The game is a lot pickier about materials so porting GMD mods from PS3 may result in graphical glitches. Use minimal vertex attributes when creating .GMD models in GFD Studio as a workaround.
- Archives containing ADX files are encrypted. See here for more information
What about PC/Switch?
Work is underway to add mod support to both versions, including on console using CFW and both RyujiNX/Yuzu emulators. Please be patient until further details are released. If you're in a hurry to mod, you can still read the latest public documentation.


How do I play modded Vita games?
Currently, the only way to enjoy mods is with a PSVita or PSTV console with CFW. Fortunately, h-encore-2 makes it possible to get Henkaku on Firmwares as new as 3.65-3.72.
I have Henkaku, now how do I install mods?
Follow this guide to mod games using Repatch, a plugin for modded PSVita systems that loads your edited files (such as CPKs) from a custom folder.


How do I mod Persona 4 Golden on PC?
Read this guide to learn the basics. In essence:

- To replace files at runtime, use ReloadedII and p4gpc.modloader (more info here) to read files from the "mods" folder in your P4G install directory. For example, to replace fc_01_01.AMD, the structure would look like: Persona 4 Golden\mods\data_e\model\field\fc_01_01.AMD.
- You can use Aemulus to manage multiple mods easily, outputting them to a new folder each time you click Build. Place your mods at:
Aemulus\Packages\Persona 4 Golden\P4D Models (PC)\data_e\model\field\fc_01_01.AMD.
Aemulus also easily unpacks your original game files to a "data_e" folder. Check the Aemulus\Original\ folder after unpacking via the settings!

Alternatively, you can permanently replace files with modded ones in the PACs using preappfile, which even has support for adding additional files to the game.


How do I play modded 3DS games?
One way is to use Citra, a 3DS emulator. You can also follow this guide to get CFW on your 3DS. Be sure to enable game patching in the CFW settings and you'll be able to use layeredFS.
If I use Citra, how do I mod my ROM?
Use DotNet3DSToolkit to extract and rebuild your CCI. Replace modded files (such as CPKs) before repacking.


Will P5 Scramble modding be possible?
Maybe, although the game is developed by Koei Temco using the Three Houses engine. Most modding tools on this site are therefore completely ineffective for modding the game, and new ones would have to be made. It's theoretically possible since other KT games have been modded, but very difficult due to how the data is stored in large archives with no filenames.
What about on PC? Shouldn't it be easier to mod?
Okay, what about Catherine Full Body?
That one uses CPKs and Atlus's usual file formats, so it should be just like modding anything else with LayeredFS. The "shader" CPK should have the highest priority if you wanted to repack that with your edited files. Also, it seems to use the exact same model format version as P5R.


Is there a Discord server?
Please read this forum thread for information about the server and how to join. Go to (the public Persona modding Discord) if you need live troubleshooting assistance or want to chat with other modders.
Do I need to credit you?
While credit to tool/mod authors is appreciated if you create content using our work (videos, mods of mods, forks/ports of our tools), it is all available for you to do whatever you want with.
How can I support you?
We don't sell mods or software. Everything on this site is free to access, download and use. However, if you would like to help with hosting fees, you are more than welcome to do so.


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