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About the site

What is
This is my personal website for hosting my projects and blogposts.
It started out as a place for users to upload Persona mods before it started taking off on Gamebanana Page thanks to the PC ports.

For more information, see the site's About page.
What is Amicitia?
Amicitia (latin for "friendship") is a modding network dedicated to Atlus JRPGs.
It is named after TGEnigma's all-in-one editor application for Persona/SMT common file formats.
How do I find mods/tools/guides?
Mods, tools, and guides can all be found at

You can further narrow down results by game or type.
How can I contribute directly to the listing?
Simply upload the submission to the appropriate page on For example, Persona 5's Gamebanana Page.

Within 6 hours it should appear at


How do I install mods?
Check the page for the game and platform on the Modding Docs. It should lead you in the right direction.
What games can be modded?
All versions of Persona 3, 4, and 5. There are also some mods for Strikers, Dancing, Arena and Q/Q2. SMT: Nocturne and SMTV also have thriving modding communities. Modding for each game tends to vary in complexity due to engine and platfom, so see the Amicitia Wiki for specifics.
How do I extract game data?
This varies from game to game, so it's best to check the game's wiki page for specific directions. Generally, Atlus games use CRIWARE formats such as CPK and CVM. You can use PKGView to extract PKG files, and 7zip or UltraISO to extract ISO and CVM files. Use CriFSLib GUI for CPK files.
How do I create my own mods?
Check the game's page on the Amicitia Wiki for (hopefully) up-to-date information on editing file formats and creating mods. The Modding Docs should also help describe how to use a mod manager such as Reloaded-II, Aemulus, or the Mod Compendium depending on your needs.
Can I share mods here?
It's preferred that you upload mods to the appropriate game section on Gamebanana, since the forums here are largely inactive by comparison. Your work is more likely to be seen and can be featured in mod managers such as Aemulus and Reloaded-II (thanks to their built-in Gamebanana browsers).


Is there a Discord server?
Go to (the public Persona modding Discord) if you need live troubleshooting assistance or want to chat with other modders. There is another one run by TGE that is focused on modding tool development. Please read this forum thread for information about the server and how to join.
Do I need to credit you?
While credit to tool/mod authors is appreciated if you create content using our work (videos, mods of mods, forks/ports of our tools), it is all available for you to do whatever you want with.
How can I support you?
We don't sell mods or software. Everything on this site is free to access, download and use. However, if you would like to help with hosting fees, you are more than welcome to do so.


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