Commission me at:


What is this?

Checkpoint is a commission platform built by the creators of Gamebanana.
It enables users to hire creators for modding related work.
Commissioning me on Checkpoint allows me to survive doing what I love.

You can commission other modders from Amicitia on Checkpoint,
such as TGEnigma, Crowpocalypse, Alan3D and CaptainSwag101.

How It Works

On Checkpoint, I offer 3D model skinning, heavyduty fileswaps, and voice replacements.
  1. Register as a buyer on Checkpoint.
  2. Fill out one of the forms on my profile.
    If you want something that's not listed, message me.
  3. I'll confirm your order. Checkpoint keeps you updated with email
    notifications as I make headway or ask for further details.
  4. When finished, I'll send you a video and request payment
    via PayPal if you find the work satisfactory.
  5. Afterward, I'll release the files along with detailed
    installation instructions. Future bug fixes are free of charge!


My prices vary due to complexity from $50 to $100 per project.
You may or may not find these prices fair, but it's the rate
I've settled on to make these worth my while.

These take several hours (sometimes across multiple days) to complete,
and all resources on how to do it yourself are public.
(Or, you can name your price as a Request on Checkpoint).