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(WIP) Persona 5 Unmasked
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Fayande
09/09/2021 (updated)
This project is a comprehensive, in-depth rebalancing of several different aspects of Persona 5. Including party skill progression overhauls, skill an ...


HD2x High Resolution Textures
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Zelkin
09/06/2021 (updated)
Hi folks!

I present to you an AI upscaled texture mod of all the environment textures for Persona 5.

All textures have been enhanced using the waifu ...


Jokerfied Joker
Gamebanana P5 Mod by ltsophia
09/06/2021 (updated)
Replaces Joker with his namesake, the clown prince of crime. Replaces most of his outfits, with more to come in the future!

- contains 5 Joker outfit ...

Joker Skin

P5 Persona Model Backport
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Light1
09/05/2021 (updated)
Warning: When using this mod, don't spend too long looking through models in the persona compendium, it tends to cause the game to crash.

This mod ba ...

Persona Skin

Royal-Like Gym Improvements
Gamebanana P5 Mod by MeovvCAT
09/05/2021 (updated)
What it does:

• Changes the curve for Home Training and the Protein Lovers gym to be identical to Persona 5 Royal. Ending a stage will no longer limi ...


Colorful Title Screen Models - Royal Edition
Gamebanana P5R Mod by HaythamQuake
09/03/2021 (updated)
Inspired by Persona 5: Strikers' colorful title screen, using the colors from my Colorful Battle UI mod!

It's a simple texture swap and rename for ea ...

Misc GUI

(WIP) Naoto portrait edit
Gamebanana P4G Mod by SAT0RI
Just a portrait mod I made for Naoto for fun. Still need to adjust a few textures but it's mostly complete.
All I did was redraw the eyes and soften s ...


Red Flames, Chains, and Persona Glow in battle
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
09/01/2021 (updated)
switches the fire particle effects for party members with the ones used by black mask Akechi, and changes the Persona glow effect to red. Doesn't affe ...


[4K Edition] Epic Partypanel In Color
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Century_
08/31/2021 (updated)
This EPIC mod replaces the old partypanel sprites from Persona 5 with a much more colorful version of them. This specific version is special though, a ...

Sprites UI

Free Time After Crossword
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
08/31/2021 (updated)
Changes the crossword to be like P5R, which gives you slightly less knowledge, but doesn't take a time slot.

EDIT: If you didn't read the updates, th ...


[2016] FeMC voice to FES
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Evanjellydonut
This is an old mod I released on amicitia in 2016 that replaces some of the main characters voice lines with lines of the Female protagonist in Person ...

Voice Line

Akechi Navigator
Gamebanana P5 Mod by AnotherNicholas
08/30/2021 (updated)
A mod that adds Akechi as the Navigator using his Text and Audio from P5R.
Talking to Akechi in Mementos will now give you the option to select him as ...


The Epic P5 EX 4K Mod Add-On
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Century_
08/30/2021 (updated)
The mod add-on contains upscaled versions of the new UI elements implemented in DeathChaos' P5 EX Mod that were not previously included in the P5 4K U ...

Misc UI

4K UI Upscale [Aemulus Version]
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
This mod was originally not made by me, this mod was made by Rexis, original post for the mod can be found here with the necessary patch.

I have simp ...

Misc UI

Red summoning effect
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Pioziomgames
Makes the effect when summoning personas red.