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Modding this game requires a HostFS patch on PCSX2. Read more here.

If you have to build mods into as a PS2 ISO, see this guide instead.

P4 Custom Sub Menu
P4 Mod by Sierra, ShrineFox, Tekka, Rudiger, Tupelov, AnimatedSwine37
3/7/2021 (updated)
Notable Features:
- Choose a Field, Dungeon Floor, Battle, Event, Cutscene, BGM Track, Dungeon or Facility to load
- Toggle individual bitflags or entire ranges of them
- Change the in-game date and time
- Change your rank with any confidant, add money or items
Optional Extensions:
- QuickTravelPlus (extended quicktravel options in Yasogami High and around the town of Inaba)- SaveAnywhere by Tupelov
- FindAFriend by AnimatedSwine37
- IntroSkip (In-game option to skip the long introduction events of the game by starting at 4/20)


The Almighty Loop Fix
P4 Mod by Qlonever
This mod fixes the looping on Ameno-Sagiri's boss fight theme, which is broken in the original version of Persona 4.


P4G/P5R Fonts
P4 Mod by DniweTamp
Backported from P4G and P5D


Persona 4 hostFS Patch
P4 Mod by TGE
Replace/Add files to the CVMs without repacking.
1. Edit PCSX2_vm.ini inside the PCSX2 ini folder and change the line with 'HostFs=disabled' to 'HostFs=enabled'.
2. Extract the SLUS from the ISO and add the .ELF extension to it.
3. Place replacement files in a folder named after the CVM, which goes in the same directory as the .ELF.
4. Load the game's ISO in PCSX2 (with cheats enabled), and then select "Run ELF" from the "File" menu.


Persona 4 Anime Cutscenes
P4 Mod by slasherguy21
3/18/2020 (updated)
A Persona 4 cutscenes mod made from episodes of the anime, inspired by Rebirth Cutscenes from Robot_Gerbil.


P4GA Adachi Battle Theme
P4 Mod by slasherguy21
Swaps Adachi them with the ying yang song from the A1 persona 4 Golden anime.


P4 with P4G Chie Voices
P4 Mod by ShrineFox, Qlonever
1/10/2020 (updated)
A mod that replaces all of Chie's voices with her newly re-voiced P4G clips.


P4 Reincarnation (Alt BGM Mod)
P4 Mod by Robot_Gerbil
A mod that replaces most of the OST tracks with new official arrangements released after the game.


P4 Free Camera
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
Unlimited camera control on every map.


Persona 4 Moddable Undub
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
This is another version of the original Undub mod for Persona 4, except rebuilt using the Mod Compendium. The game should be the exact same as the previous undub while supporting mods using the new tools.


P4 "Time to Make History" Mod
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
A mod that replaces the battle theme in P4 with "Time to Make History


P5 Font for P4
P4 Mod by narcku
A mod that replaces P4's font with a custom one made from Persona 5's font.


Persona 420 (Weed Yosuke)
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
A mod for Persona 4 that replaces Yosuke Hanamura's voice clips and textures with ones from Yuri Lowenthal's performance in GTA V.


P4 Adachi Navigator
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
A mod that replaces Teddie's navigator dialog with Tohru Adachi's clips from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.