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Trollface in P4G
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Bamboo Duck
The troll replaces the "Winter Yasogami Uniform".

This is a port of my P3P version to P4G -

No known issues, trol ...

Asbel Lhant's Outfit (Tales of Graces)
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by MrHeathcliff5
Replaces Yaso High Jersey with Asbel Lhant's outfit

Go Busters Outfits
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Macadelics
04/26/2021 (updated)
These outfits replace the agent outfits for Yu, Kanji, and chie

P4G Ninja Storm
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Macadelics
04/26/2021 (updated)
my first attempt making a mod for yosuke.  i still need to fix yosuke open chest and weapon bone names.

*Updated: Now has featherman victory animatio ...

Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Macadelics
04/09/2021 (updated)
this replaces the goofy gag summer outfit

*updated: now has featherman victory animation*

P3MC Mod 2.0
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Pioziomgames
02/27/2021 (updated)
This mod is basically a port of DniweTamp's P5R P3MC Port to p4g.

This mod adds:

• P5R P3MC over Yu's default clothes

P5R P3MC without sees gear o ...

Drip Yu All Out Attack Portrait
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Lergi
I really enjoy JoltGanda's Drip Yu mod, but I felt it was missing something. This mod is that something. This mod replaces either both Yu's Summer and ...

Drip Yu
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by JoltGanda
Silly Yu, you can't have dri-

As my first Persona 4 Golden mod, I regret this heavily, but also want people to know it's in a finished state.
(Intend ...

Gordan Freeman Yu
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by MadMax1960
Yu, but with hair highlights (totally intentional) and Gordan Freeman's HEV suit. The sword is a little wonky because P4GMOdelConverter was birthed fr ...

Jackson Tucker as Yu Mod
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Seanlam
Jackson Tucker is an American actor, producer and environmentalist. He has often played unconventional roles, particularly in biopics and period films ...

Demi-Fiend Reskin ft Dante
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Tekka
11/07/2020 (updated)
Inspired by the upcoming release of Nocturne HD Remaster.  Replaces Yu's Cool Trunks outfit with Demi-Fiend and Kanji's Kingpin Duster outfit with Dan ...

SMT skins
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Macadelics
10/12/2020 (updated)
skins i made to replace some of the base models, mainly ported from p5.
replaces these outfits.
Summer Clothes - Demonica outfit (P5R/StrangeJourney)

Shujin High Winter uniform for Yu
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Preez
Just a simple Reskin for Yu's Gekkoukan costume (sadly), comes with four options (Dark Haired, Dark Hair with Joker ''Mask", default Yu head, and Yu w ...

Joker w/ Arsene & Raoul
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Saitsu
If you downloaded the mod before, and for some reason you only got the Raoul folder, the download has been fixed.

First release of the Joker & his Pe ...

Sans Over Yu
Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by GeckoNeko
So basically, Yu become Sans

You get to be the legend himself

Goes over Default Yu in battle