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Controller UI Overhaul
Gamebanana P4AU Mod by Pixelguin
This mod replaces the input UI with controller-friendly button prompts.

"i finally beat the tutorial cuz i knew what buttons to press"
~ Joenator

Fe ...

PS3 Controller Prompts
Gamebanana P4G Mod by pizzaforfree
Replaces the vanilla Options and Share buttons with vanilla-styled Start and Select buttons, intended for use with a DualShock 3 or SixAxis controller ...

Config Clarity
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
05/06/2022 (updated)
This mod overhauls almost every setting name and explanation in the Config menu. Changes range from fixing Engrish text to explaining the performance ...

P4AU Follow Up Portraits
Gamebanana P4G Mod by wxnder
04/22/2022 (updated)
This mod switches out the old Follow Up portraits with art from P4AU. The old art didn't fit in well with the rest of the updated art that's in P4G
Hu ...

Command Menu Fix
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
02/20/2022 (updated)
This mod fixes some graphic design errors in the command menu.
• Corrected incorrect font of the S. Link text
• Corrected coloration of the Quest text ...

Accessibility UI for P5 Battle Controls
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Koban
01/22/2022 (updated)
Rendered in Blender, Button UI for Rirurin's Persona 5 Battle Controls Mod, Includes a standard button layout, Including L and R button indicators in ...

Controller UI Overhaul
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
08/02/2021 (updated)
This mod replaces the controller UI with all-new button prompts, with a focus on accuracy and legibility. Every prompt has been redesigned from scratc ...

Persona 5 Royal Skill Icons
Gamebanana P4G Mod by SourGummyes
06/28/2021 (updated)
Using the Persona 5 Royal icons, i've edited the P5 icons into the P4 square icons, with some changes to stretching to make it work a bit better. Two ...

Non Awkward System Menu
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pioziomgames
This mod changes text in the system menu to be less awkward and outdated.

Personamation Plus
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
05/28/2021 (updated)
This mod adds improved titles and descriptions to the Personamations cutscene viewer. There are a few grammar fixes as well.

Title Changes (Full game ...

Persona Q Battle Portraits
Gamebanana P4G Mod by doggrush
04/13/2021 (updated)
The battle portraits from Persona Q in Persona 4 Golden!

Corrected Battle Portraits
Gamebanana P4G Mod by rudiger__gb
This mod attempts to correct the party battle portraits' design inconsistencies:

Colours now more accurately match those of each portrai ...

P4 Arena Ultimax Battle Portraits
Gamebanana P4G Mod by rudiger__gb
03/20/2021 (updated)
This is a set of battle portraits inspired by "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax".
They've been heavily tweaked to better fit P4G and (as of v2.0) even feature ...

P4 The Animation Portraits
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
Replaces the poorly-upscaled dungeon portraits with HD artwork from Persona 4 The Animation.

The portraits came from the anime's Blu-ray box art and ...

Touchscreen Buttons to Icons
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
11/27/2020 (updated)
Your PC isn't a PS Vita, so your P4G UI shouldn't have giant touchscreen buttons.

This mod changes the UI buttons that were originally meant for the ...