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Persona 3 Portable - Spanish Translation
P3P Mod by HxCannon
This translation changes the UI, text, social links, items, skills, textures, menus, EVERYTHING to Spanish, it's 100% translated.


SMTIII: Chronicles Edition - Translation
SMT3 Mod by KrisanThyme
6/27/2020 (updated)
The first and only translation of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon.


English Patch (CFB Vita)
CFB Mod by froid_san
An English port of Catherine:Full Body since Atlus decided not to localize it to the Vita. This is just good old-fashioned transcribing text from numerous videos on YouTube and my own gameplay.
What's translated:
All Images that contain text used in menu�s and such
Regular Menu/Navigation Text
99% of the Cut-scene and FMV
90% of the cellphone messages
80% of the NPC on the Lounge and Landings (nightmare)
All Confessional Questions
70% Quotes on loading screen
What's not translated:
Most of the Multiplayer mode (PS4 version needs PS+ so can�t see the text there)
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Espa�ol font for P5
P5 Mod by Alan3D
Mod that adds special spanish characters to the P5 font for spanish translated mods