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~Music/SFX Overhaul Mod~
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by Hippy101
08/09/2022 (updated)
Hi, this is a mod that Changes the Normal Battle (7 Versions) Music to 4 Different Kinds:

SMT IV: Battle c2
SMT IV: Battle c3 Remix with vocals (by m ...

Unreleased Music Port
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by Hippy101
This mod just replaces some tracks with Unreleased/Unused songs.

Config Menu Music - Sound Test
Nihilo Base Puzzle Start - Unseen Vortex (Unused)

B ...

Delicate Music Tweaks
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Pixelguin
07/06/2022 (updated)

This is a small collection of music changes intended to enhance Persona 4 Golden for first-timers and veterans alike. Each track change ...

Persona 4 Music Portable
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Sate
07/02/2022 (updated)

Fully replaces P3 Portable's soundtrack with that of Persona 4, using lossless FLACs of the songs as a base. (Gamebanana's max sound preview siz ...

Persona 3 Mass Destruction Instrumental
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Quantum_Dog
06/30/2022 (updated)
Replaces Mass Destruction with a Instrumental version

Movie Music Portable
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Sate
06/21/2022 (updated)
This was redone entirely. Hopefully it should sound less obnoxious, and be more accurate to the movies themselves.

This replaces most of P3 Portable' ...

High Quality Music Pack - Portable Edition
Gamebanana P3P Mod by ARandomGuy231
This is a simple mod that replaces the BGM with higher quality versions from the OST.

Before anyone asks. Yes, there WAS a HQ Music mod for P3P. But ...

Every song replaced by This Love (Maroon 5)
Gamebanana P4G Mod by MegaCatYu
I was so high I did not recognize

The fire burning in her eyes

The chaos that controlled my mind

Whispered "Goodbye", she got on a plane

Never to ...

SMT V shiva boss theme
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Nottoknow2

Persona Q2 Battle BGM
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Kris!
Replaces the battle BGM with the ones from PQ2, Only the P3 and P3P BGMs are used because of course, Yu and Joker aren't in this game

Wiping All Out ...

Power of NEO over Boss theme
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Nottoknow2

SMT V Battle music mod P4G
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Quantum_Dog
This replaces the battle music with 11 - Battle -Da_at- from SMT V

Video of the mod in working in persona 1, : ...

Classic Trilogy music pack (PSX Ver.) for P3P
Gamebanana P3P Mod by Nooneinparticular
Replaces almost all of the tracks in the game with the soundtracks of persona 1 and 2 duology, with the idea of keeping the general feel of scenes and ...

SMT 3 final battle over the true ending final form
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Nottoknow2

Kagasutchi SMT3 battle theme(s)
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Nottoknow2
Over Adachi and ameno sagiri

in normal gameplay it will make a good transition