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Hex Editing Demon Stuff
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by HonorableSpartan
(Please excuse my poor work on this picture here I did this in kind of a hurry.)

So after unpacking the rom in the directory you would want to go thr ...

Tiny skill edit tutorial
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by kimkadamura
I'm a non-English speaking person, so please forgive me for using a translator
First, refer to this tutorial and unpack pakchunk0-Switch.pak

Second, ...

Extract Pak Files (Video)
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by Saitsu
Just follow the video lol.

Import Music (video)
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by Saitsu
Not my best tutorial, but hopefully it will help you get your own music into the game.

SMT V Texture Modding Tutorial
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by chlorophylls
This guide is intended to show users how to replace textures/create texture mods for Shin Megami Tensei V for Switch. 

For a video guide ...

Modding SMTV
SMTV Guide by ShrineFox
How to create and install mods for SMTV on Switch and RyujiNX, along with resources for understanding Unreal Engine modding.

Video tutorials on modding SMT V
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by Saitsu
I'm making this post simply to make public my videos on how to import textures, edit material values and importing models. Someone else is doing a wri ...