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How to change what costume a mod replaces
Gamebanana P5R-PC Guide by Chancetheunrapper
This tutorial is for Reloaded II.
If you really like a skin mod but wish it went over a different costume, it's pretty easy to do. First, a quick look ...

How to add Custom Special Fusions to SMTV
Gamebanana SMTV Guide by MCJD931
07/29/2023 (updated)
Download 010 Editor and SMTV 010 Templates.
This guide assumes you know how to do the basics of SMTV modding, unpacking and repacking. While most mods ...

G1N Font Modding Guide
Gamebanana P5S Guide by Century_
Much like anything Koei-Tecmo related, editing G1N fonts can be a pretty complicated process, but thanks to our recent efforts in the mod ...

How to Install Mods for Persona 4 Dancing (Vita3K)
Gamebanana P4D Guide by MegaCatYu

• Mod Compendium

1. Right click P4D in Vita3K, hover over Open Folder, and click Application.

2. Open the data folder and copy the da ...

How to replace the opening cutscene (64bit)!
Gamebanana P4G64 Guide by angelicshadowdemon
06/30/2023 (updated)
1.  Reloaded II
2.  VLC Media Player
3. Scaleform Tool
4. File type conversion software

Alright, you want to replace the opening video that pla ...

How to replace models
Gamebanana SMT3 Guide by vv--
06/19/2023 (updated)
------------------------------------SECTION 0: Information------------------------------------

I made this tutorial because it seems to be very hard ...

Model Replacement in Q2
Gamebanana PQ2 Guide by oceanstuck
two people have asked me on two separate occasions how i replaced the models in Black Mask so i guess i'll consider that enough demand that this merit ...

How to Mod Persona 3 FES - Step by Step
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by Alexankitty
06/16/2023 (updated)

• Latest PCSX2 Nightly Build
• Persona 3 FES: HD Overhaul (Recommended)
• Recommended list of mods (Dub/English Audio)
• Recommended lis ...

Getting The Persona 5 Mod Menu to work on Switch
Gamebanana P5R-NX Guide by Wayzer107
So it actually took me a while to realise you can just port the PS4 version of the Persona 5 Royal Mod Menu to the Switch by changing some directories ...

Custom Bustup Porting/Creation
Gamebanana P5R-NX Guide by Solt11
Hey, I’m gonna write a guide for this niche problem. Some mods for either PC or Switch use custom portraits, and some mod creators probably don’t know ...

P4G 64Bit mods on Linux/Steamdeck
Gamebanana P4G64 Guide by Dysfunctionalriot
06/07/2023 (updated)
1. Prerequisites

P4G fully updated on Steam (proton 7.0-5 recommended)
Reloaded II
Special K for P4G
.NET 7.0 (Desktop runtime x64, try ...

Adding Custom Personas in P5R
Gamebanana P5R-PC Guide by Light8227
• Introduction

I'm not the first person to learn this (I don't even 100% know a couple of the things involved) and I surely won't be the last. Here, ...

Text Editing in P5R
Gamebanana P5R-PC Guide by chlorophylls
05/26/2023 (updated)
This guide is intended to show users how to edit text in Persona 5 Royal. I am using the PC version, but the same should apply to the Swi ...

Nocturne save files
Gamebanana SMT3HD Guide by Matthiew Purple

A bunch of save files from one of my playthroughs with notes for each boss in the game.

How to use

• Open the folder corresponding to ...

MelonLoader on Linux & Steamdeck
Gamebanana SMT3HD Guide by Dysfunctionalriot

• MelonLoader (Select manual installation x64 for version 0.6.X. For 0.5.X, go here and select

• Microsoft Visual ...