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HD Icons for Elemental Icons for Skills mod
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by vim
This mod replaces all of the element icons with versions that are much higher resolution. This is intended to be used with the Elemental Icons for Ski ...

HD Stretched Bust-Up Fixes
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by vim
When playing the game in widescreen, certain bustups will get stretched out horizontally, as shown in the second image. This mod takes the correspondi ...

Check The TV More Than Once Per Day
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by MegaCatYu
Removes the "The tv is on..." message that appears when you check the TV more than once per day, so the TV works like how it does in Persona 5.

(WIP) Persona 3 Fes with TWEWY Soundtrack
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Mr. Solo Dolo
03/23/2023 (updated)
Songs I Will Replace So Far:

"Tartarus Thebel" will be "It's So Wonderful"
"When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars" will be "Underground"
"Mass Destructi ...

Randomized battle BGM
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Nobodyinparticular
03/23/2023 (updated)
Made possible with Tupelov's EnhancedBGM patch, this mod changes normal battles to play a random track from a selection of tracks included in it, givi ...

Deinterlaced Undub Cutscenes
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by ltsophia
03/19/2023 (updated)
Improved and Open Source P3FES Undub Cutscenes!
This mod vastly improves the quality of the original Undub cutscenes from the Undub Mod, by reripping ...

Fuuka's Expanded BGM select
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Nobodyinparticular
03/11/2023 (updated)
Adds more tracks to the BGM sub menu when exploring Tartarus, as well as reworking said menu to separate the tracks into three main categories, sorted ...

P3FES - Font Mod - German Characters
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by RubyX_Coded
This replaces some of the Japanese Characters (that are all unused obviously) with german and french characters. The reason I edited French characters ...

Quick Travel+
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Primogenitor
02/22/2023 (updated)
1. About

Original Mod's Description
This mod backports the quick travel square button function which future
games in the series featured.  Areas in ...

(WIP) Persona 3 FES: HD Overhaul Project
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by MeovvCAT
02/20/2023 (updated)
Rise, The New Day Came

A Work in Progress project for Persona 3 FES that started when texture replacement was in its infancy and not exactly availabl ...

New Moon Balance Patch
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Phoenix!
02/12/2023 (updated)
If you want to use an old save, read this first

If you use New Game or New Game+ you do not h ...

Direct Commands
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Alexankitty
Direct Commands (AKA: Party Control Mod)

Disable the usage of tactics in favor of a more traditional RPG battle experience, by enabling direct contro ...

Steam Library Graphics for Persona 3: FES
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by cerebralpolicy
I put these together for myself - I'm a bit of a graphics nerd - and figured I'd share them here.

If you haven't added FES to Steam before you need t ...

(WIP) Persona 3 FES - So-so AI Upscaled Textures
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by RendellDraw
02/01/2023 (updated)
I decided to upscale textures for myself that haven't been covered by MeovvCat's HD Overhaul Project yet. And thought of sharing it here.

So far I've ...

True Widescreen Opening
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by wudabed
01/26/2023 (updated)
While the recent P3P remaster is full of numerous issues and lazy AI upscales, one of the few good things Atlus did was include native widescreen vers ...