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How to Mod Persona 3 FES - Step by Step
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by Alexankitty
01/07/2024 (updated)

• Latest PCSX2 Nightly Build
• Persona 3 FES: HD Overhaul (Recommended)
• Recommended list of mods (Dub/English Audio)
• Recommended lis ...

How to play/mod P3FES on Xbox Via Retroarch
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by Nooneinparticular
02/05/2023 (updated)
The ramble
In case you don't know already ATLUS is porting P3, P4G and P5R to Xbox one/series sometime in the future making this the first time the ma ...

How to make HD Texture Mods
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by wudabed
12/29/2021 (updated)
• One of the following 
a) PCSX2 1.6.0 + GSdx-EX plugin
b) Rexis build of PCSX2
See the below section for further details
• Paint.NET  ...

(Tutorial) Playing a Modded ISO on PS2
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by Nooneinparticular
12/14/2021 (updated)
Note: This tutorial will assume you are already a little familiar with Aemulus mod manager and mod compendium as well how to install and play games th ...

When to Use Aemulus or Mod Compendium
P3P Guide by ShrineFox
Learn the differences between the two mod managers for Persona games, and how to set up, install, and create mods with Aemulus.

How to edit TMX files
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by wxnder
03/27/2021 (updated)
Things to download/Things that are needed
1. Amicitia: Amicitia - post amicitia
2. PersonaEditor: Releases · Meloman19/PersonaEditor · GitHub
3. CpkTm ...

How to change the music in P3Fes
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by wxnder
03/03/2021 (updated)
Things to download:
1. Aemulus Package Manager: Aemulus Package Manager [Persona 4 Golden (PC)] [Modding Tools] (
2. A HostFS ready gam ...

Using Skill Progression mods with old saves
Gamebanana P3FES Guide by Phoenix!
This tutorial is a bit complex to explain, but it is incredibly simple in practice.

What is this tutorial for?
This tutorial is for mods such as Fait ...

Loading Modded Files in Persona 3/4 (PS2)
P3FES Guide by ShrineFox
This guide describes the process of unpacking and repacking your ISO and CVM files using the Mod Compendium.