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P5R/P5D Font 4K
Gamebanana P5 Mod by zettozoid
10/03/2021 (updated)
Original by DniweTamp. Upscaled to 4K using 8x_NMKD-Typescale_175k in cupscale.
Version 2.0 with accented letters.

For use with 4K UI mod.

Font UI

Static FPS Cap Changer
Gamebanana P5S Tool by zettozoid
05/02/2021 (updated)
Notice: Dynamic speed variant (no slowdown) available at

Change the FPS cap without speeding up gameplay.

Press F1 ...


FPS++|Dynamic FPS Uncap
Gamebanana P5S Tool by zettozoid
05/02/2021 (updated)
Uncap FPS (to 240) while avoiding slowdown caused by variable FPS

Only works on 1.02 Steam Version (latest)
If you only have v1.00, you can use the s ...