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Swap Characters
SMT3 Cheat by FuxorLuck
8/5/2020 (updated)
Please only use one at a time


No Location Name/Compass
SMT3 Cheat by FuxorLuck
8/5/2020 (updated)


Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Chronicle (English Patched)
SMT3 Mod by zombero, FuxorLuck
Port of Hardtype Hack to Nocturne Chronicle Edition (B7479F4C). Note: it's Not a perfect port but you get All Hardtype features.

Known Issues:
-Demi-Fiend can only swap himself in battle.
- The maximum are 4 -Kaja stacks on the player and 2 -Kunda stacks on enemies instead of 2 -Kaja 2 -Kunda
The second message in Battles like: Missed, Defense improved, limit reached etc.. wont appear