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    Female Protag Fan bustups (wip)
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by gayppl
    This is in no way meant to be mean spirited or anything like that, I just like making my own portraits and i figured i'd share them. I plan on making ...

    Glasses on Violet Battle Outfits
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Ercar
    Small little mod done for this request.

    Replaces all Violet Battle models except for:

    Phantom Thief Outfit
    Yasogami Outfit
    Shadow Ops
    Dem ...

    (WIP) Long Hair Ann
    Gamebanana SMT3HD Mod by stalkeler
    05/31/2023 (updated)
    Changes Ann's default hairstyle to long-haired from her outfit in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight along with almost all her outfits.

    This mod replace ...

    Deinterlaced Original Cutscenes
    Gamebanana SMTV Mod by Etnn
    05/31/2023 (updated)
    The original cutscenes of Persona 3, de-interlaced and resized to 1920 x 1080 without AI upscaling them.

    The archive is a bit heavy because I've re-e ...

    Bayonetta (1-3) Battle Themes
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by loogi-tooie
    05/31/2023 (updated)
    Replaces the regular battle themes with the main battle themes from Bayonetta 1, 2, or 3.

    This includes three separate downloads for each game. The ...

    (WIP) Nocturne Graphics Configurator
    Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
    05/30/2023 (updated)
    I'd appreciate any help! My discord is on my profile, we can share info and make this game better.

    This mod aims to give you a few miscellaneous opti ...

    Quality of Death
    Gamebanana SMT3HD Mod by Matthiew Purple
    05/29/2023 (updated)

    To celebrate the second anniversary of Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster's release in the West, we present you the Quality of ...

    Arsène Skill Expansion
    Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by snowycrash22
    05/28/2023 (updated)
    This is a mod which adds many skills to the starting persona, Arsène, which makes him more powerful and able to keep up with everyone else's personas. ...

    Fiends nerf
    Gamebanana SMT3HD Mod by Matthiew Purple
    05/27/2023 (updated)
    1. Introduction

    This mod nerfs the affinities of the Fiends as allies (their bosses counterparts are unchanged).

    2. Details

    2. 1. Matador

    • Null: ...

    Naoto Complete Story Overhaul
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Giowno
    05/26/2023 (updated)
    I made this mod because ATLUS changed nothing other then one line in FeMC route, such as no female Messiah no female Telos. Several art of FeMC is off ...

    Text Editing in P5R
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Guide by chlorophylls
    05/26/2023 (updated)
    This guide is intended to show users how to edit text in Persona 5 Royal. I am using the PC version, but the same should apply to the Swi ...

    Makoto Yuki Over Joker
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by TITANFALL118
    This mod Replaces Joker with Makoto Yuki from P3

    Simply Better FMVs
    Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Alexankitty
    05/25/2023 (updated)

    The Simply Better FMVs project goal is to improve the FMVs without damaging the original art style or be unpleasant to look at. Please do k ...

    Single target shields
    Gamebanana SMT3HD Mod by Matthiew Purple
    1. Introduction

    This mod makes the Tetrakarn/Makarakarn skills and Attack/Magic Mirror items target only one ally (or only the caster, depending on t ...

    Kasumi as Protagonist (WIP)
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Wisteria
    05/22/2023 (updated)
    A W.I.P mod that replaces Joker with Kasumi for Persona 5 Royal (PC)

    Potential Royal and Kasumi spoilers ahead!

    Current progress: Very early progres ...