News: Mod database goes open source!


You heard right, Amicitia’s collection of mods, tools, guides and more can be found in full on Github. Check out the repository!

Why the change?

As you may remember, used to be a collection of static html pages hosted by Github. Recently, it was shifted to (which ran on a framework that can dynamically narrow down content based on options you pick).

However, there are certain advantages to going back to Github. 

  • Now, content can never be lost in the event of going down, or the site owner being unable to update it. The source code and full database is readily available to anyone.
  • Anybody can fork the database and make pull requests which are then approved and merged by Contributors on the repository (staff from Amicitia with permissions like the owner). Even if every single Contributor went MIA, anybody could revive the site and continue keeping it up to date.
  • Code and layout fixes can be made by anyone. No longer does anybody have to go through ShrineFox as a proxy to suggest improvements, they can do it themselves with full access to all the css, html, javascript and c# project files.

That said, will still be used to host the forum, as well as a handful of other helpful tools for modding such as the dialog search, patch.yml creator and more.


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