News: P3D/P5D USA mod support, P5 in 4K


Vita News

lipsum has released yet another batch of mod.cpk patches for the USA PSVita editions of P3D and P5D! Until now, DeathChaos’s localized asset ports for the JP versions were the most convenient way to mod these games, as you could use one of the update cpks in lieu of repacking a massive data.cpk. However, you’d be missing out on quite a bit of English text.

Catherine: Full Body for PSVita also received an English patch by froid_san that translates most of the text, making the game pretty much playable for English speakers. It’s important to understand that most of this work was done by hand, comparing and re-transcribing lines, rather than being taken from the PS4 version. There is still no public exploit that would make that an option. The creator of the patch, froid_san, plans to port audio as well once that changes.

Persona 5 News

rexis, who was also mentioned in the previous post for adding repack support for P5 Cutins, has released his 4K UI Upscale mod for Persona 5 (RPCS3)!


Other News

Also, at long last, TGE has updated his AtlusScriptCompiler program to be able to compile and decompile BF scripts from Persona 3 FES. Note that unlike P5, the game lacks names for its scripting functions, so you’d have to do some guesswork to make use of it. P3P still doesn’t have decompiler support for now due to unknown bugs.


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