Adding Spice to Mipha’s Life


About the Mipha’s Grace Mod

I started this add-on project after messing around with the Playable Mipha mod about two winters ago. I kept thinking to myself “this is great that I can finally play as her but I wish there could be a more immersive experience.” This blogpost is going to document the progress as I stumble around tweaking the little things in BOTW that make the full experience. Before this project I had zero modding experience so if anything I hope all this is inspiring to others who might feel intimidated by the process.

Outdated Tools

Mipha’s Grace started out as pure text edits and grew from there. I wanted to mention some of the older tools that aren’t in use anymore but were fundamental in getting the edits off the ground.

MSBT Editor Reloaded – The first draft of edits were done in this program and I actually find it still in use when doing event edits due to the ease of readability. However this quickly became outdated due to the difficulty in editing the text boxes to look correct and the controls for line breaks and other uses not being in a plain text format.

Wexos’s Toolbox – Allowed the files to be inserted into the game. Outdated due to Switch Toolbox being tailored better with the file formatting.

As for current tools, I will mention them as I show them off in use.

So what is in this mod anyways?

Text Edits

The mod uses The Princess Zelda text edits made by Wolvatron. This saved a lot of time with gender pronouns out of the way and without it I don’t know if I could have learned the basics without being overwhelmed, a big thanks to them for allowing me to use it. For those playing the mod, there may still be old references I haven’t fixed yet (whoops!). As the modding tools have grown my own edits are differing more and more from this version.

Event Edits

Perhaps the most exciting of the edits and what causes the most unintended side effects. BOTW uses two types of events Event Flow and Timeline. Without going into detail here, only at this time can Event Flow events can be directly edited. This is how the cutscene with Mipha’s ghost was removed and the custom terminal text was inserted.

Other Mods

To give some more personality to the mod I’ve included two other mods I made, Aged up Finley and Thirsty Bozai (I’ll let that mod speak for itself).

Model Edits

Outside of ShrineFox’s work I’ve deleted Mipha’s ghost from both the Champion Abilities and cut scenes that include her (more on this later). One of the updates I hope to get rid of the ghost particles.

What to expect?

Text Edits

I plan on refining the text edits as I have the wonderful Andremoi kind enough to dig into the many mistakes I’ve made over time. A lot of them still need to be fixed!

More Event Edits

The next post I plan to do will involve switching the order you obtain the Lightscale Trident and Zora Armor. I’ll walk through the process of using the event editor and MSYT TOOLS.


More on this later ;^)

Quest Edits

Tying into the armor edits, there are plans to add in a side quest along with the Ruta quests to obtain the Rubber Armor to proceed with the fight.

Stay tuned for more in the future!


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