News: P3D/P5D Mods Are a Thing Now


The floodgates are open for modding the Persona 5 & 3 Dancing games – at least on PSVita. This past weekend, TheFloW released his h-encore exploit, allowing you to run henkaku on firmware 3.68 (the latest as of writing).

Although Sony (ironically) patched out the functionality of using the ux0:patch directory for mods after firmware 3.60, the

RePatch reDux0 plugin allows us to (once again) make the system load unencrypted files instead of the originals, and inherently modifications as well.

Leave it to me to ensure that the first ever mod to take advantage of this exploit is a meme featuring Minato Arisato (or Makoto Yuuki, your preference) as a door. If you don’t understand the meme, don’t ask anybody. You owe it to yourself to play and complete Persona 3 FES first. 

The mod is available for download at:

This mod is available for download as well at: