What’s next for Persona Modding in 2018


As the end of the year approaches, I’m feeling sentimental about how far our little hacking scene has come. Following the first anniversary of Persona 5′s release, we’ve attained full control over the game’s scripting language and the ability to import custom models, sound, and artwork. 

Much of that seemed impossible during the two years that we were active. The success is mostly due to vigilant reverse engineer and programmer TGEThere’s no end in sight at this rate, so what else is in store for us in 2018?

A custom model imported into Persona 5 using TGE’s Atlus GFD Editor

Custom Models for Persona 5 and All Future Atlus Games

The GMD (sometimes called GFS) model format and GAP animation format have been used in both Persona 5 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night thus far. Seeing as Persona 5 was the premiere of their new in-house developed graphics engine, we have no reason to doubt that future installments will reuse this combo.

TGE’s AtlusGFDEditor program will boast the following features:

  • a model viewer
  • a texture viewer/converter
  • a material editor
  • the ability to import rigged models into GMD format from an FBX 

Animation editing is also planned.

A look at Yu Narukami’s body model imported from P4:DAN in TGE’s program.

With some luck, the editor should be future-proof. Models from the upcoming Dancing games launching in May should be immediately convert-able (even with minor updates to the format). I’m especially looking forward to using this tool to import characters from these games into Persona 5!


Extensive Scripting Mods

Cutscenes, menus, branching dialog and even AI are all controlled by various BF files scattered throughout the game. By decompiling these binaries to an editable C-like language, tweaks and additions to the game’s logic can be made.

While this can be an intimidating process for beginners, the real limits are your imagination and perseverance. Like the models, BF scripts will very likely be reused in future installments of the series as well. 

Maybe even more tools?

Now that we can make custom maps, characters and events, the logical next step would be a map editor. Wouldn’t it be great to freely arrange objects and hit markers? While there’s no project in development at the moment, it’s a major consideration for the future. Perhaps 2018 will be the year for this.

This is what happens when you randomize all values in the enemy encounter TBL.

TBL files are also an area of interest. They host parameters for stuff like:

  • Persona and enemy stats
  • encounters
  • fusions 
  • the effects of skills and items

We anticipate offering some form of GUI to edit these eventually, as they’re pretty essential to offering new experiences.

Ease of Access for New Modders

Although developing tools is a fulfilling hobby on its own, their real purpose is to help you create mods. That’s why it’s important to make modding Persona in 2018 as painless as possible. 

Here’s how we’ll accomplish this:

We’ve already gotten started on all of these goals. However, creation of tools and videos has been at the forefront of our efforts until now. Fostering the modding community is next! If you want to help out, there are several ways to contribute, so get in touch!

As always, thank you for enjoying our content whether you’re a viewer on YouTube, a player, a fellow modder, or a member of our Discord server. Thanks for helping us make 2017 a year to remember.