What is Amicitia?

A powerful all-in-one editor.

Amicitia: With this program, you can edit textures, images, archives,
and even import custom models. Get it here.

A network of documentation.

Amicitia: A series of webpages designed
to teach anybody how to mod their favorite Atlus title.
See our Github page, Forum, Wiki, Guides, News Blog, Subreddit or Twitter.

A community of modders.

Amicitia: A group of people who all share a passion for modding.
Amicitia welcomes everybody interested in reverse engineering
filetypes and creating & sharing mods.


An open source database of user-submitted tools, mods, guides and cheats for various Atlus titles.
You can submit content via the forum.
Amicitia - Home
Amicitia (program) Download
GitHub Repository

Amicitia Forum

A support forum where you can ask questions about Persona modding.
You can also submit tools, mods etc.
Amicitia - Forum

Amicitia Guides

A collection of informative articles on modding
various Persona games.
Amicitia - Guides

Amicitia Wiki

A mediawiki site hosted by Miraheze where you can learn about files,
formats and modding methods used in Persona games.
Amicitia Wiki

Social Media

Accounts and platforms related to Amicitia.