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Based on Release v1.3 of the P4G Mod Menu on GitHub.

How to Use with Aemulus Package Manager (PC):
1. Use Aemulus to install this mod with any other mods you also want to use.
2. Run P4G Mods using Reloaded II and p4gpc.modloader.

More information on P4G PC Modding
How to use with the Mod Compendium (PC, Vita):
1. Replace the init_free folder in your mod's folder with init_free.bin.
2. Use Amicitia to open it and replace
with the one included in this mod.
3. In the Mod Compendium settings, choose PC mode and set the output to your
"Steam\steamapps\common\Day\mods" folder. No other settings should be enabled.
4. For Vita, move the contents of the mod's "data00004" folder to the root of the "Data" folder.
Disable PC Mode in the Mod Compendium settings and create a mod.cpk.

More information on P4G Vita Modding